3 Mistakes You Should Avoid on Google My Business

Most online business owners are just concerned about
claiming their listing and beautifying their business sites with beautiful and
captivating photos of their businesses. While they do this, they neglect some
very important aspects of online businesses.

Giving out incorrect information will do more harm to your business than not giving out information at all. What are some of those mistakes business owners make on Google My Business, and how can you avoid them?

Giving Incomplete Information

You’ve captivated a prospective client with beautiful photos of your business, you’ve given a piece of detailed information about the services you offer and he/she cannot wait to patronize you.

But where are your address and phone number on the site? The user frantically scrolls up and down and up again and comes to the realization that she cannot reach you. What disappointment. That is what happens each time a user visits an online business and cannot find any contact information.

So please, while your pictures may be captivating, they are useless if you do not provide contact information for your business.

You should know that the moment your prospective client
cannot reach you, he goes to your competition. That’s just what happens. So if
you want to maintain your client base, regularly check on your GMB to ensure
that all information are present.

Giving Incorrect Information

As I said earlier the only thing worse than no information is wrong information.  You put in the wrong phone number, or the wrong address or the wrong hours and you would have on your hands a very pissed customer.

Sometimes all information may be correct but they are outdated maybe because your business is closed. If a customer has to drive out to the address on your site and gets turned back because you’re closed, he’s going straight to your competitor and will make sure he takes anyone he knows along with him.

That is bad business for you especially on reopening. So avoid it, update your contact information accurately from time to time.

Ignoring Customer Reviews

Don’t do this. This single action or inaction means you couldn’t care less about your customers opinions. That’s a bad personal review. Take the time out to reply reviews, even negative ones. You can simply appreciate a positive review but you have to be careful when replying a negative one.

You do not want to appear angry and maybe even lash out at the customer. Instead acknowledge his hurt feelings and promise to do something to correct that immediately. You could even ask the customer to contact you directly so you can address the issue with him quickly.

Always remember that your response to reviews says a lot
about your business. So do not give yourself a bad review.