Why do professional Online Reputation Management (ORM) agencies succeed almost every time they work on a client’s problem?

What skills are they using? What is their strategy? What tools do they use?

You might have been wondering about these too.

Although digital reputation management is not an easy task. Especially in those situations when a client needs negative contents to be suppressed. Whatever the case may be, every new request is always a challenge because each situation is unique.

It takes wits, skills and drive to make it work here.

However, we will give you a sneak peek into what we do to solve our clients’ problems. Here are 8 particularly powerful moves we make on the internet to give our clients the best internet reputation possible.

1. Developing Premium Content

Developing top quality content will give you a great edge is SEO

Original and high-quality content is one dominant strategy to build and retain a winning reputation management services. Premium content covers all feature articles meeting the under mentioned criteria:

• Content Placement on high domain professional websites such as news publications, like HuffingtonPost and Forbes online sites. We look out for those sites that have a dominant domain presence and authority and are no less than 60, and we aim to go higher.

• Control — we require the main article to include your keyword in as many on-site optimization options as possible. We need every potential benefit, and add the keywords into the main title, Header 1, and the text on the authority site.

Premium content won’t come cheap — some article posting can cost more than $5,000– but the best thing about launching the top tier content is that it will rank higher organically without much effort.

If you get to have a feature article about your business on a site like Denver Post, that is one if the leading online newspaper with a domain authority of 88, you can well imagine how effective the strategy will be to push your business to the top.

A well-written, optimized article published on a reputable website goes on to rank on page 1 or 2 of Google as such content is an authoritative and robust online contender.

Depending on your firm’s budget allocation for this purpose, we produce value-driven premium content to be one of the main components of your campaign.

2. Social Media

Social media provides you with a powerful means to project your business to your audience

The top ranking social media platforms for 2018 are Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. All of such platforms have the option to allow you to use your business name into the URL and you should capitalize on this feature. Social media provides you with a powerful means to project your business, and you must be actively pursuing social media options to propel your business.

3. Scholarship Offers

We were some of the first few who started with the implementations of the scholarship programs. Now, most are doing the same.
But they still get the best results.

A scholarship program is suitable for positive public relations campaign and assists in promoting and retaining popular online reputation management!

The Fundamentals are:

  • You offer a $1,000 scholarship
  • We develop the program either on your current website (website.com/scholarship) or use a standalone site with your keyword (e.g., yourkeywordscholarship.com)
  • We will implement a robust outreach strategy to reach to hundreds of educational institutions, including some of the best colleges, universities, and trade programs and deliver your scholarship options to them and requesting them to link it to their sites.

There are many advantages, such as:

  • Generation of links from strong .edu domains (usually 50 — 100 inbound links)
  • All of these links help that site or page to go right to page number one of search results
  • Thousands of students will reach out to avail your scholarship
  • Adequate and suitable PR for your business (you can send the story to the area newspapers to get more coverage) which will help in creating more links and maybe the leading story on a premium site

A scholarship initiative requires several months to complete, and the benefits are long-lasting.

An added advantage we often observe is the word “scholarship” will link to your company name or personal name as a reference in Google Autocomplete.

The feature is most helpful if you have negative results such as “lawsuit” or “jail” showing in Autocomplete that you don’t want to show up when the customers and business partners search for your offers.

4. Having a Book On Amazon

Why choose to have a book on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most influential authority sites in the world. It’s a creative and advanced method that we’ve been using for a long time to facilitate our clients. Amazon has a reliable authority that is recognized by the leading search engines like Google, so your Amazon link will put you right at the best ranking for the keywords you want to use.

Now, you may feel a bit confused and thinking, “Wait, I’ll have to become an author?!”

Yes, you will be an author. And the catch is that you don’t have to develop the critical skills as we will take care of everything for you to become an author for your business.

We select the subject that’s relevant to your trade and get it written fast. We create an eye-catching cover to your text and then put it on publishing with a selling offer on Amazon.com.

We have been using this strategy for several years, and it is so compelling that today every other ORM services are using it now (or hire us to implement the plan for them!)

Having a book published also gives you an opportunity for syndication to book review site such as reviews on goodreads.com.

5. Creating Courses On Udemy

Udemy is a powerful platform that allows people to publish and offer training and educational courses. You can sell a class on how to be a better baker, how to understand banking, or you can sell fitness plans.
However, creating and publishing a proper and professional course requires skills and experience.

You cannot go weak with your strategy as the course will represent your standing and authority on Udemy, that in turn is taken as an indicator of strong reputation by powerful search engines like Google.

6. Review Sites

Many independent reviews sites are accessible and such venues are another option to build the reputation of the business. Some review sites have a paid subscription, while others offer these services for free. Depending on the niche you want to promote, the review sites are a valuable tool to build your strong reputation and implement new reputation management strategies. The two main reasons you should pursue the review sites are:

  1. Influential review sites like such as Yelp, Facebook, TrustPilot, and Reach150 rank higher in Google search results.
  2. “Review” or “reviews” is a common prediction element that appears with the Google Autocomplete feature. If you want to capitalize on this feature and want to build your business name in search engine rankings, you will find a good strategy to link your business and the keywords with the review sites. Our services will help you get this means covered and have a dominant presence on the reviews platform.

7. Business & Trademark and Selected Business Directories

Building the reputation another critical factor is to make sure that the website and the company appear on the list of the best internet business directories, including some prominent names such as Yelp and Yellowpages.com.

When you make your listing, you need to fill it correctly including complete details – your listing should include all your essential business information, social media links, and media inclusions such as illustrations and videos. Whatever information you can add to support your business should make it to the listing. The more information you add, the better it will help in building your reputation.

Selecting the relevant directory is essential. To look for these directories that are most relevant the business can start by using Google to search for the business name and look for the top lists that appear in the result page and use such directories for optimization. If you can add reviews, do so.
If you make robust lists, there is a high probability that the Google search engine will appreciate the effort and rewards you in ranking higher in search results.

Use the same strategy for any niche directories, or the trade your represent.

When you have done your work, and you have a presence on the top directories that is fully optimized, we will assist you to get positive reviews and raving testimonials to build your reputation further.

8. Use the Google My Business Page Feature

It is surprising, but many businesses are unaware of or have not taken the time to capitalize on Google My Business Page (GMB) feature and optimize their GMB page.

Whether it is a business having a physical location (Or an SEO business, or reputation management services like me) running from your home office, Google allows you to claim your page, so you can use this powerful feature and add your page to the Google Map directory.

There is no cost for using this feature and even if you are running the business from a corporate suite or a big office, like Regis.