As the CEO of a company, you are officially the face of the company and what it stands to represent. Whether you like it or not, you are first and foremost the brand. If what the internet and the rest of the world think about you is bad, your company will suffer as an extension of you.

Most of the time this isn’t exactly your fault. Maybe one slight mistake in the past get overblown by bloggers and now your life and reputation are marred or maybe you are being personally attacked by a rival. But you have to do something about it. The longer the bad reputation stays active, the more your business suffers and the less likely you are to be successful with any social-related activity in life in general.

Things You Can Do On Your Own to Help Your Online Reputation

As a CEO, stay on track with your online reputation

1. Set Up and Manage an Active LinkedIn Profile

When your name is typed into the Google search bar, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top ranking results. This makes you control one spot on the first page search results. If the first page results used to be polluted by bad comments about you, you have successfully pushed one down with your LinkedIn profile.

2. Set Up Social Media Accounts

This is somehow like the above suggestion, but these are social media accounts. Once you set these up and have them visible on search engines, you can control more space on the first page of search results. You don’t necessarily have to use the accounts though.

3. Buy or and other domain names that relate to you

With these in your possession, nobody else can use them to defame you. Do this as soon as possible before someone else snatches them up and uses it against you and your business.

4. Consider setting up a website or blog

This way you can create better content about yourself that promotes your image in a positive light. Using the best and up-to-date SEO practices, you can make your website and blog rank high in SERPs.

If That Is Still Not Good Enough, Try This

If you are a well-known person and people discuss you online, you have to monitor what is being said about you. You can’t afford to sit back and relax while defaming information about you is making rounds on the internet. Need I remind you how fast information travels online? You also have to keep generating new content about yourself, periodically.

Keep up-to-date profiles and explore the social media networks to ensure your name is not being dragged in the mud. This is extremely tiring for someone as busy as you are, and you can’t afford the hours every day to look into. That is why other CEOs in your position hire an Online Reputation Management Company.

A Reputable ORM Company for Hire

When you can no longer continue searching your name on the internet and skim through thousands of texts about you on the internet, consider hiring a reputable Online reputation management agency to help you with that. At Cyber Controller, with 20+ years in the business and awards to our name, we are your best bet at a good online reputation.