Did you know that 67% of people see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies? That’s a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source.

You cannot afford to ignore what Google shows people about you. And that includes the information Google Autocomplete associates with your name and that of your business.

Imagine someone types “XYZ company” into the Google search bar and the autocomplete feature suggests “XYZ company fraud” or “XYZ lawsuit”?

You don’t want that. You want to change that. And you can.

That is Where ORM Companies Come In

There are certain things ORM companies do to make sure the way the internet sees you is the way you want to be seen.

We will tell you about 3 of them:

Interviewing Platform

Many sites on the internet allow you the option to publish your interview regarding your company, or yourself. Not only this is an excellent platform to feature your content you also get the option to add a few links to market other digital products that you want to rank higher on Google.

There is no guarantee that interviews on sites will help you rank better. However, depending on your positioning and the strength of your negative links, this is a good tactic that may lead to getting your interviews to show up on Google page 1 or 2.

The main working behind interview sites is to give more substance to your subject matter and make your content detailed and new. Under no circumstances copy your earlier interviews or limit your self to a few hundred words.


Are you aware of how powerful YouTube is? It is the 2nd most influential search engine falling behind only Google, and the Youtube domain authority is a staggering 100!

YouTube can assist in building your online reputation in two ways:

Acquire your fully-optimized channel URL — following these steps to become eligible for a vanity web address that includes your brand name, and the URL must have full optimization.

Make a video that focuses on your main keyword — your title should contain the keyword, the description is another area where you will add your keywords, same goes for your tags. All these efforts will optimize your main business for search results – and then you can add links to it.

Vimeo is emerging out to be another strong video sharing candidate, and you can use this medium to optimize your channel and make it all about your keywords.

In my opinion, it is better to have different videos on Youtube and Vimeo. Also, transcribe your videos and use the text in the description portion of your video.

If you use these popular video sites and upload proper videos with keyword rich content, you are more likely to see one of your videos to appear on page 1 having your personal or business name in Google.

While there are other video sites such as Dailymotion, and others, it is better to focus on the best, rather than waste time and resources on the somewhat weak video platforms. Instead, use your time to build links and publish your video on Youtube and Vimeo.

Press Releases

I had a big list of free press releases sites some years back. Sadly, the plan of publishing press releases to free sites do not work anymore.

Most of my sites got penalties, and I had to rework their ways to recoup the profits they were making on marketing and the traffic it used to generate.

Now there are many paid press release distribution services that may cost you anywhere from $50-$200, or more depending on your requirements. These press releases will direct your news to hundreds of “new” sites on the internet.