How to Win At Influencer Marketing: Best Tips and Advice

Influencer marketing is a marketing trend that has allowed brands of all kinds to successfully collaborate with popular personalities on digital media.

Thanks to this marketing style, it is possible to attract audience of certain dermographics that will pay attention to your offers much more easily. So, how do you stay competitive and relevant in the influencer marketing sphere?

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How to win at Influencer Marketing

1. Choose your influencer carefully

The first and most important advice is to select the ideal influential personality for your strategy. Sometimes it may be tempting to decide to hire someone who is famous and has millions of followers, but who has absolutely nothing to do with your brand and the message it wants to convey to your audience. Therefore, answer these questions to see if you are on the right path:

What degree of credibility does the personality in question have? The fact that someone has 1, 2 or 10 million followers does not automatically guarantee good reputation and credibility. Therefore, you should if they analyze their work with care, pay attention to their speech, publications, way of expressing themselves and attend to the followers, as well as the comments of the community in general.

What is your field of work? As we mentioned earlier, the scope of the influencer and their niche will also determine the success of influencer marketing strategy. Therefore, choose an expert in social networks if you are the CEO of a content agency, or a sports personality, if your company sells clothing and apparel for athletes, among other examples.

When interviewing him, how do you perceive him? Intuition is very important for success. Therefore, you must perceive in the treatment and responses of the influencer their sincerity, desires to collaborate in creative projects regardless of the payment, as well as your degree of interest in your brand.

2. Try with the micro-influencers, before investing large amounts of resources

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These personalities are those that have a base of followers of between 10 thousand and 100 thousand followers, enough to undertake collaborations that generate interest, conversions, and profits. To choose the best, follow this advice:

Make a search on social networks through terms and hashtags: Thanks to the labels you will find personalities with similar interests to your brand. Once you locate your fan pages and other digital platforms, familiarize yourself with your work, before making a decision.

3. Design a strategy that considers different types of content

Since you chose your influencer, the next step will be to develop attractive and compelling content, according to each platform. Some ideas to achieve it include:

Facebook: live streaming allows communication with an intimate and direct audience. Take advantage of this resource for strategies with influencers, since it can generate more visits than you imagine. In addition, the public can ask the necessary questions to learn more about the aspects that interest them.

Instagram: some applications allow republishing content from others, which is an excellent technique to start a collaboration in this social network. By granting the corresponding credit, new followers are generated for the sponsored account, but the work should not be left there. Later, the influencer must publish original content related to the brand, be they photographs or videos, where they express their positive opinion of the same and include a specific recommendation.

Twitter: the influencer can link publications of his blog and YouTube videos, in which he talks about the brand he is collaborating with, the mention of it and the necessary labels for the adequate dissemination of the information.

Medium: if you have not heard about this platform yet, it’s worth paying attention. It is a site destined for writers with stories that are worth reading, which will be discovered by select readers since the site requires a monthly fee to enjoy the contents. An excellent idea would be for your influencer to join the free writers’ program, to publish the most extensive and interesting content related to your brand. In this way, your reach could extend beyond imagined, with great benefits for both.

Your Digital Marketing strategy will be strengthened the best influencer marketing strategies today. Follow the previous tips to choose the best and create content that attracts new followers, thanks to its quality and relevance.