According to a survey conducted in 2016 by Linqia, almost 90% of salespeople say they use influencer marketing and 94% consider it an effective tactic. That effectiveness varies according to the objective of each company, obviously. And you, do you know what we mean? Twitter can help you a lot.

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Some brands use influencer marketing to create a brand experience, others seek to increase engagement or drive traffic to your website or landing page. Whether it is a goal of these or similar ones, you can use influencer marketing for an impact that becomes primarily quantifiable. These pages will help you know how to specifically use Twitter and influential marketing to attract influential people – those who can influence their potential customers – and build your brand.

1. Determine your goals

Defining your goals from the beginning will help you to find those influential people in the social networks that will help your brand prosper. For example, everyday book between 30 to 60 minutes to review the trends in your sector. It is crucial to stay up to date if you are going to get the attention of an influential person.

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Every day of the week, follow between 5 and 10 new people in your sector. It is an easy and natural way to slowly increase your target audience. Little by little you will gain more followers. And it creates three lists on Twitter: interesting people, microinfluencers and influencers. Each group requires different types and frequencies of interaction, so it is important to separate them to organize your reach. Keep these lists “private”, since making them public will notify people when they have been added to the corresponding list.

2. Define your goals

Once you establish some objectives, focus on it. Start with the microinfluencers. These have smaller followers but tend to be more dedicated and involved with their followers.

Use tools that help you identify your brand. By doing so, you are more likely to get the attention of micro-informants who also talk about the most important issues in your industry.

3. Select your tools

Now that you have completed the first three steps, choose good tools. There are many applications for the sole purpose of identifying and interacting with influential people, so you probably spend time finding those that meet your needs. Some tools are free; others require a subscription. If you are not familiar with influential marketing or are trying to demonstrate your benefits to the management department, start with the free tools and move towards the paid ones. Some good examples are Buzzsumo, Followerwonk by Moz or Traackr, among many others.

4. Establish your credibility

Influential people want to interact with credible people and companies on Twitter. Start by updating your biography and avatar, use a real photo. Also look for other ways to establish content, such as writing leadership articles or searching for guests for your blog. We are working on the brand that we also make known on Twitter.

5. Be genuine

When followers and influential people detect the lack of authenticity, they avoid it. Nobody likes a spammer or a person who hardly contributes anything. Although your objective influencers are in, for example, the B2B sales industry, your profile should reflect an interest beyond this sector. It should reflect your hobbies and interests through your Twitter biography and the content you share. Just share, comment and give likes to the publications that you really like and that you care about. Also, make an extra effort and respond occasionally with a comment.

6. Use visuals

Twitter is a text-based platform but also highlights visual elements such as an image or GIF, but do not add them by adding. It must be interesting for the influencer to like the message and retweet it. Consider creating publications where you cite your favorite phrases to establish your brand and attract followers and influencers.

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7. Participate in Twitter Chats

Another way to find influencers and followers is through Twitter chats. These online chats cover almost any imaginable topic, from education to marketing. To find relevant chats, perform a search on Google using the words “best Twitter chat for …”. You can also search for hashtags on Twitter, but the challenge is to find the right tags. Many Twitter chats are made weekly at the same time. Do not forget the reminders in your mobile calendar to help you create the habit of joining these conversations in real-time.

8. Calls to action

Once you find your influencers and incorporate them into your brand, create five to seven tweets about a marketing campaign and share these publications with the influential people. Then they can adapt their words and add them according to their personality. The easier it is to do what you send, the more likely it is that your influencers will respond and act.