Are you worried about your Business Online Reputation? Do you often think about what the internet thinks about your business?

If yes, that’s smart. You should. Because about 90% of your leads on the internet depends on this.

If you don’t think about this, I sincerely think you should. You may be satisfied with the kind of patronage you are getting now, but it could be better. Not just that. if you have negative review hanging around in prominent places on the internet about your business, it’s only a matter of time before the little bread you have will be gone for good.

What measures can you take to improve your Internet Reputation for your Brand?

Respond to Bad Reviews online

This is an extension of respecting your audience by responding to their comments in a polite and timely fashion. When people express their displeasure with your product or service (whether proven or not), respond to them politely. Note, I said “respond”, not “react”. There’s a difference. It goes without saying, but no namecalling, finger-pointing, blame-throwing or insults. Just respond politely, make them know their comment has been regarded and necessary actions are being taken right away to look into the matter. If you successfully solve the problem, come back to that comment and get their feedback about the solution.

Later when other people look at that negative comment, they will note how you responded to it, solved it and got that customer satisfied at the end of the day. The respect for your business will soar.

Ask your satisfied customers to leave you good reviews online

If you win some brownie points with your customers, don’t let it go to waste. Respectfully ask them to leave you a positive feedback online, example, on Yelp or Facebook. Since they are happy and satisfied with your service or product, they will love to do this for you out of gratitude. At least most people would. Most people are actually nice enough to do this for you. This will serve you in the future when potential customers are looking you up on the internet.

Use blog posts to improve your brand image

See: How Blogging Improves Your Personal Brand

Are you blogging? Does your website have a blog section?

In 2019, I still see websites without a blog section and it shocks me. That is like opening a business and not putting up signposts. Yes, you are open but we don’t know what you are doing in there. You have to talk to us. Make yourself known. And with your blog and excellent SEO strategies, you can greatly influence the search engine results pages (SERP). This way when someone searches for your website, most of the results will be content you have control over. I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial this is for your online reputation.

Hire an Online Reputation Management Agency

Online Reputation Management is a whole beast on its own, demanding time, expertise, experience, wisdom and dedicated staff. You may not have the resources to handle this at this point in time. There are online reputation management agencies out there to help. Although some of them could be scams, claiming to be able to do something they know absolutely nothing about. You may have to take your time to search for the ideal one that fits your needs and also affordable

Or you could save yourself the stress and read further.

Why is Cyber Controller ideal for your Online Reputation Management Needs?

What is different about us that makes us a better option than other corporations offering reputation management services?

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Here it is:

No Lengthy Contracts Obligations — our contracts are month-to-month
Results-oriented — you pay when you are okay with the results we are producing you
Direct Communication — when you reach us, you talk directly with the people in the mix of things, and not some regular customer services rep who is working on commission and has no clue what plans work
Innovators — we are quick-thinkers, if we discover a new way that we think will assist our clients to get a grip on their reputation, we deliver it! (12-months after the big companies follow our trends)
Cost — we suggest you look around. Reach out to other companies and inquire about their strategies for content creation and link building. We are sure that after your research and checking other firms you’ll select us.

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