If you are reading this, you are probably interested in doing business with an Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company. You are also concerned about getting the legit ones who know exactly what they are doing and can deliver the results you want.

You want an ORM agency that won’t aggravate your present problems, and waste your money in the process. So knowing the right questions to ask and having the correct preliminary knowledge can help you make smart choices about who you hire to handle your Online Reputation.

If you’re questioning ORM companies, you’ll want to do proper research and find out valuable details such as the methods of link building and content plans the companies will be using. If the company shy away from such questions or try ducking the critical details, I’d tell you to stay away from such services.

If you are working on your reputation management work, do not waste your time going for:

1. Article promotion

It’s a thing of the past. Do you ever see anything published on ezinearticles.com in search pages? You don’t want a so-called “professional online reputation manager” who is still living in the stone age of the internet.

Some things no longer work in 2019. And if the “professional” doesn’t know this, and you don’t either, you will be making a huge mistake hiring them. They may make the situation worse.

2. Fake blog comments/forum posts

Computer generated spammy links aren’t going to boost your main links. I’ve hired several Fiverr services that give you many links like these, and the issue is that most of them end up on the de-indexed websites (which means they’ll never amount to anything as they are not a count). The ones managed indexing carry no worth with Google. Although they are inexpensive, the results are also cheap. So better to save your time and your $5.

3. Content on web 2.0

Ranking the same wordpress.com blog is a possibility however this trend is also going down. You can check for yourself how often you see rebelmouse.com or plurk.com when you analyze the search engine results. Google is not impressed by the web 2.0s value, and you will find such options for cheap value. However, it is a highly ineffective approach for your long-term ORM promotion.

We believe that your money should go out and buy you the best services you can get. So you don’t have to settle for the first person who tries to talk you into hiring them to handle your Online reputation for you. Your image and that of your business is too important to put in the hands of just anyone.

If you want to know how to hire an actual professional internet reputation management professional, read this.