In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about using Press Releases to craft your ideal internet image. We mentioned that in the past this strategy used to work. But recent regulations by Google, made it so that sites who use this strategy get penalized.

Is Press Release for Online Reputation Management Gone for Good?

Not exactly.

With time, a different strategy (like a spin-off) branched out of this.

However, this is a second tier plan. Many sites where your releases will land do not rank better. And since your statements are mostly duplicate content appearing in many places, it will not give you any leverage on Google.

At best only one version of the story will make it in the top rankings. So you will get some links, but beyond that, you will not have some long term benefits.

A better option is to prepare engaging press releases for targeted columnists or appointing a PR service to assist you. Since this is not your domain, we will not spend much on this platform and only use it to the extent that it remains cheap and not take much time.

Optimization of Existing Digital Asset

Check out our article on crafting your ideal internet image

Try to use the content that you have a grip on to have a better-optimized version to get ranking in Google, and do away with the unwanted stuff.

My approach is simple to Google your brand, and note down all websites, and link in the section of the negative links we’re attempting to stifle.

Do you have authority over any of them? If you have access to the username and the password, follow the suggestions in our Optimizing Content For Online Reputation Management portion to attempt to make them rank better.

Use Your Advantage

Any trade you’re spending bills with you can leverage for a display that can support you with your internet status.

Here’s an illustration — let’s say you’re about to give money to a regional radio station to advertise your services or merchandises. Before you sign the deal, ask and insist on having your profile page on their website. This approach is something you can call an “Advertiser Spotlight.”

Then letter a great story with a third party bio. It could be details about your company or the reasons why you are using the radio as an advertising medium. You can mention the services you give, the customers you have, and for better impact also include your existing client’s testimonials on your product and services.

If such an option is not available then visit the station website and check if they endorse testimonials from sponsors and then ask if you can provide a sponsor. This way you might not be able to get a full page, but enough space to get your link on the website. You can use this approach with all the people you have business with – such as your advertising partners, your supplier, or a local church or community service. 

Efficient online reputation management is a similar matter when you go for search engine optimization . You can do many tasks yourself, using the suggestions I’ve given here.

If you select us to work for you, we’d be happy to talk to you, clarify your problems, and give you an offer.

Plus, we can begin with the campaigns quickly. We are looking forward to meeting you, discuss your need, and work with you!