Your Career Needs a Social Account

Over the years, social networking has evolved. From the days of MySpace where kids just want to share their personal life with the world to YouTube where you watch videos on basically all things.  Social media then used to serve the purpose of entertainment, but now you can do much more.

Thankfully Facebook was introduced and you can actually connect with people on a more organized way. Then Twitter for socialites and influencers. They got to their large audience in real time. And finally LinkedIn, where professionals meet. So there you have it. Social media is much more than posting videos for laughs.

What Social Media Can Help You Achieve

With your own social account, you can create, brand and publish your business. You can use your skills to create you unique voice in the way that best defines you. Take Twitter for example. As an influencer, what better stage would help you share ideas and concepts if not on Twitter. On the platform, you’re seen by your global audience the moment you share something.

It helps your business grow. Remember, how you appear online says a lot about your brand. Moreover, you staying in business does not depend on an employer. Rather it depends on how proficient you are in publicizing your brand online. Your brand grows with you, it evolves.

That virtual world is not so virtual anymore. It just got real. For effectiveness and continuity of your brand, you have to market yourself online. Remember, most people will not come to you in person to ask about your business, they go to the online you to inquire. So build you career online, brand it and amplify it, it will surely enhance your career. Always remember the best selling businesses have the largest online customers. Don’t be left out.

Social Media Outlets You Can Use


You should know the proper way to use LinkedIn. It’s a professional social site. You need it to connect with people of sound professional background. Discover and create sound content. Share it with people with the same interests as you. Join groups that would help you grow. Grow you connection, grow your brand.


Twitter isn’t just used to share information or provide it’s users with breaking news. Twitter provides you with ample opportunity to build followers and then be able to showcase content and distribute it. Think of Twitter as an avenue to amass prospective clients before your career kicks off. So get busy. Use Twitter, your customer will surely be on your timeline.


The best thing about SlideShare is the use of visual aids. People generally appreciate visuals more than texts. So made presentations, sell your brand. Set yourself up as the expert that you are. You can even include some of your presentations on your LinkedIn in profile.

You can try out other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. Make use of social platforms, expand your business, and grow.