With so many available ways for any business owner to get and keep getting new business daily…

Why do you ever even need a person like myself with over 23 years of producing profits for a wide range of business in your corner helping you get all you can out of the many streams of traffic?

I am the person that can get you traffic from places you can’t. I am the person that can teach u little things about the internet world so you can for free do the work yourself and see good results from it. When you want to go bigger I can do that for you or show you other ways you can reach more buyers, again for free by you just doing the work.

I am not going to go in to detail for industries, but what I am about to tell you should work to some level for any business. When I do these tasks I get big time results and have helped many company’s grow to sizes most business could never dream of.

I’ll for sure help u and produce results if you can not do these simple task each day like a robot… This applies to ANY task you do that produces a profit. Meaning If one action from you causes a positive reaction that produces profits/new customer involvement, then you need to try to put that action on daily auto pilot. (90% of my customers understand they just can not keep up with all needed tasks because they start to have very busy days from the tasks they had been doing daily…) If you can keep doing the daily tasks needed to grow your business then you are not producing the right high volume.  Hire someone to do that work is one option and can cost you 4 times more then hiring a marketing company to take over. I have talked with people that hire a person to do these task and have to pay them as an employee. Lot’s of extra cost when going this route. Hire a marketing team to do the work and cut out the extra costs of hiring an worker. Most the time you are going to save 75% of your money when you go this way.

I am sure one thing you are over looking is how to use classified ads to drive in new customer.

Let me try to help you understand how to use a classified ads to drive traffic to your offer/service.

Any of the better classified ad sites are going to have obstacles to stop or slow you down when you over posts.

Before running daily postings you should;

1. Read the terms and conditions.

When you read the T and C you should better understand what they allow you as a poster to do.

Look for how many accounts one user can have. This is going to tell you a lot. In general you need to have a good plan to help brake the filters the classified site has in place. If they say you can have 7 accounts then you need to understand those 7 accounts in most cases can post and ad from the same ip.

2. Write great ads.

One ad is not going to get the job done, 1,000 ads might get the job done. Make 10 ads that are 100% target to the audience you are trying to reach. Trust me 10 ads is not enough. Here is what you want to do…  Put all 10 ads in a note pad(cutehtml I find the best to use). Have your ad titles in the notepad with one on each line. At the end of line 10 hit enter. Now you have 11 lines and you can hit and hold the ctrl and then the (a) key.(ctrl +a) this high lights all 11 lines. Now you can hit Ctrl + the v key. Do this just one time. Now you have 22 lines of code on your notepad, go to line 12 and make small changes to the 2nd set of titles and when done go to line 22 and hit ctrl v. You now have a 3 set of 10 more titles that need to have small changes made. With in a short amount of time you have made 30 titles and all the title are unique. I do this same task but I start with 100 targeted title. You can keep build new title fast and easy.

Your description has to be done the same way, make a lot of cool to the point descriptions, one per line. Then do the same thing you did to your titles to your description. Build up 30 unique descriptions.

If you have 30 titles and 30 description you have 900 ads. So that is a good start, if you post all 900 in one day then do NOT use them for a few days 3 to 4 days to be safe. You might want to do some type of tracking of those 900 ads. Setup tracking for your next set of 900 ads. and so on. You do this so you can figure what ads draw in the best response. (hire some kid off the street you think he cares about your business or about the paycheck)? How long is it going to take you to find the right person you can trust to run this task? Does he or even you understand what the best search terms are and how people are looking for your offer?

3.Understanding who your trying to reach.